Our mission at Devi Mukta is to create the highest grade botanical and mineral body care system to nurture body, mind, soul, spirit, and psyche.  We aim to use the synergistic relationship between the plant and mineral kingdoms to harmonize the sequential integration of spirit into matter: anima mundi.

Using natural, organic, wildcrafted, therapeutic grade ingredients ensures the health of our body and the planet.  We only source our essentials oils from the finest distilleries in the world who take care to grow their plants withe respect and integrity.  Our herbs are organic and wildcrafted when available, this ensures the most potent and freshest herbs possible.  Every layer of Devi Mukta is infused to potentiate the totality of the synergy of all parts enabling Devi Mukta to be quantum skin care.

Devi Mukta is driven to give everybody a delicious feeling in their skin.  The skin is the largest organ in the body and it is very porous making it both absorbent and expelling in nature.  This beautiful luminescent sheath is both out presentation of our light to the world and our barrier from toxins and harsh elements in our environment.  This is why we at Devi Mukta believe whole-heartedly in pampering our skin because it is vital to our holistic well-being.

Be Uplifted…